IAP Focus Areas

  • The focus areas of this project will be developed in the first phases of the project. Proposed focus areas are: Physical Resources, Vegetation Resources, Terrestrial Species, Aquatic Species, Infrastructure, Recreational Uses, Cultural Heritage, Ecosystem Services, and Disturbance.
  • The Intermountain Region of the Forest Service includes 12 national forests: Ashley, Boise, Bridger-Teton, Dixie, Fishlake, Manti-LaSal, Payette, Salmon-Challis, Sawtooth, Caribou-Targhee, Humboldt-Toiyabe, and Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forests.
  • The current proposal is to address the project areas in 5 main subregions:
    •  Middle Rockies;
    •  Southern Greater Yellowstone;
    •  Uintas and Wasatch Front;
    • Plateaus; and
    • Great Basin and Semi Desert. 
  • Other potential study areas could include nearby areas such as National Parks and other federal, state or other governmental lands. 

Focus Area Teams

Core Team Members
Little, Natalie (Co-Lead)  FS, R4
Peterson, Dave (Co-Lead)  FS, PNW
Halofsky, Jessica (Co-Lead)  University of Washington
Benjamin, Pam NPS, Intermountain Region
Dante, Karen FS, WO
Joyce, Linda FS, RMRS
Salem, Nicole FS, R4

Steering Committee 
Bethke, Mark FS, R4
Bulletts, Angie FS, R4
Hartman, Chris FS, R4
Jaques, Don FS, R4
Miller, Connie FS, PSW, Albany 
Mullen, Kit FS, R4
Physical Resources 
Muir, Mark (Lead)  FS, R4
Bardsley, Tim Western Water Assessment, University of Colorado
Bruggink, Jeff FS, R4
Elliot, Bill FS, RMRS
Hurja, Jim FS, Humboldt-Toiyabe NF
Jaros, Rich FS, Dixie NF
Luce, Charlie FS, RMRS
Marr, David FS, Caribou-Targhee NF
Matyjasik, Marek Weber State University
McCann, John FS, Humboldt-Toiyabe NF
Salem, Nicole FS, R4
Shakespeare, Brooke FS, Dixie NF
Steimke, Amy Boise State University
Talbert, Marian North Central Climate Science Center
Wasniewski, Louis FS, Caribou-Targhee NF
Weems, Stacey FS, Uinta-Wasatch-Cache NF

Vegetation Resources 
Behrens, Pat (Lead) FS, R4
Brown, Gary FS, R4, Payette NF
Chambers, Jeanne FS, RMRS
Cruz, Rob FS, R4
Geier-Hayes, Kathy FS, Boise NF
Herrmann, Betsy USFWS
Jenkins, Mike Utah State University
Kitchen, Stan FS, RMRS, Provo
Kolb, Tom Northern Arizona University
Madsen, Mark  FS, Dixie NF
Mahalovich, Mary FS, R1, R4
Malesky, Danielle FS, RMRS
Miller, Connie FS, PSW, Albany 
Moore, Patrick FS, Dixie NF
Proctor, John FS, R4 RO
Reeves, Matt FS, RMRS
Tart, Dave FS, R4 RO

Terrestrial Species 
Peterson, Dave (Lead)  FS, PNW
Allen, Traci FS, Uinta-Wasatch-Cache NF
Cushman, Sam FS, RMRS
Friggens, Megan FS, RMRS
Herrmann, Betsy USFWS
Miller, Connie FS, PSW, Albany 
Paulin, Kathy FS, R4
Rodriguez, Ron FS, Dixie NF
Shivik, John FS, R4
Svencara, Leona Idaho Dept of Fish and Game

Aquatic Species 
Duffield, Dan (Lead) FS, R4
Abate, Paul USFWS
Golden, Mike FS, Dixie NF
Isaak, Dan FS, RMRS
Tait, Cynthia FS, R4
Young, Mike FS, RMRS

Little, Natalie (Lead) FS, R4
Brunswick, Nancy FS, R4, RO
Connelly, Shannon FS, R4, B-T
Humble, Justin FS, R4
Jeppson, Dave FS, R4, RO
Leslie, Susan FS, Dixie NF
Mendez, Seth  FS, ETS

Recreational Uses 
Peterson, Dave (Lead)  FS, PNW
Brown, Carol  FS, Sawtooth National Forest
Brunswick, Nancy FS, R4
Connelly, Shannon FS, R4, B-T
Glidden, Nick FS, Dixie NF
Hand, Michael FS, RMRS/R1
Knudson, Gina   Salmon Valley 
Leslie, Susan FS, Dixie NF
Mendez, Seth  FS, ETS
Roelandt, Paul Cedar Breaks NM
Scheid, Steve FS, R4
Smith, Jordan Utah State University

Cultural Heritage 
Flanigan, Tom (Lead)  FS, Uinta-Wasatch-Cache NF
Canaday, Tim FS, Salmon-Challis NF
Davis, Cleve Shoshone-Bannock Tribe
Gomben, Pete FS, Uinta-Wasatch-Cache NF
Hauser, Scott US RTF
London, Maia FS, Dixie NF
Naranja, Ed Confederated Tribes of the Goshute Reservation
Ray, Heather Upper Snake River Tribes Foundation
Reed, Will FS, R4, RO
Robb, Gaylord  Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah
Thompson, Charmaine FS, Manti-Lasal NF
Vanderburg, Cheryl FS, R1 tribal liaison
Yu, Pei-Lin Boise State University

Ecosystem Services 
Warziniack, Travis (Lead)  FS, RMRS
Baughman, Sue FS, Dixie NF
Cruz, Rob FS, R4
Marston, Tom USGS
McCollum, Dan  FS,RMRS
Miller, Chris FS, WO
Proctor, John FS, R4 RO
Rasker, Ray Headwater economics
Reed, Will FS, RO
Smith, Nikola FS, R6

Malesky (Reboletti), Danielle (Lead)  FS, FHP
Baker, Gretchen NPS, Great Basin National Park
Belnap, Jayne USGS
Bentz, Barb FS, RMRS
Brown, Gary FS, R4, Payette NF
Brunelle, Andrea USU, Geography Department
Chappell, Linda FS, R4
Cruz, Rob FS, R4
Derose, Justin FS, RMRS
Guyon, John FS, FHP
Hansen, Matt FS, RMRS
Jenkins, Mike Utah State University
Kelley, Tobin FS, R4
Matyjasik, Marek Weber State University
Mercado, Javier FS, RMRS
Mc Closkey, Kelly NPS, Grand Teton National Park
McMillin, Joel FS, FHP
Moore, Patrick USFS, Dixie National Forest
Munson, Steve FS, FHP
Orlemann, Andrew USFS, Fishlake National Forest
Peterson, Colby BLM
Randall, Carol FS, R1
Salem, Nicole FS, R4
Tart, Dave FS, R4
Theobald, Dave Conservation Science Partners
Watson, Kristopher Utah Department of Agriculture and Food